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Lenovo VMware Updates Repository
Provides links to specific Lenovo VMware updates and file downloads

File Name Date Modified Documentation Description

Parent Directory

Best Recipe and documentation 07/26/2019 Best Recipe and documentation for the latest release
esxi-550-vibs 12/20/2018 ESXi 5.5 VIBs Repository for Lenovo System X
esxi-600-vibs 12/20/2018 ESXi 6.0 VIBs Repository for Lenovo servers
esxi-650-vibs 07/26/2019 SXi 6.5 VIBs Repository for Lenovo System X and ThinkSystem
esxi-670-vibs 07/26/2019 ESXi 6.7 VIBs Repository for Lenovo System X and ThinkSystem
index.xml 04/17/2019 for VMware Update Manager (VUM) online only
metadata_lnv-esx5.5-custom-20170602.zip 2/24/2018
metadata_lnv-esx6.0-custom-20180919.zip 9/18/2018
metadata_lnv-esx6.5-custom-20190630.zip 07/26/2019
metadata_lnv-esx6.7-custom-20190630.zip 07/26/2019
vendor-index.xml 07/26/2019

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